The Zambian government will later this year introduce a new bill in parliament that will protect the misuse of computers and the protection of fraud in banks and other financial institutions, writes Timothy Kasolo. Legal Affairs and Attorney General George Kunda said this week that the bill would be passed in parliament this year upon approval.

“This will be approved and in turn it will prohibit the misuse of Computers and the protection of fraud in banks and other financial institutions,” Kunda said. The minister explained that the bill has been long overdue and there was need to recognize the current laws of computer technology in Zambia. Kunda observed that law would be dynamic in the development of the country’s computer technology.

This is the only law that will cater for fraud and the misuse of computers in Zambia. Last year in February ZamNet Communication limited Web Specialist Kunda Mwila said that there was need for the Zambian government to put in place laws that will govern and make sure that taxes are reduced when computers and being imported in the country