February will see the launch of a personal navigation system for handheld computers in SA. MapIT is launching Map and Travel South African Cities, which the company says can route the user from city to city as well as within cities, and Map and Travel Navigator South Africa, which uses voice guidance and on-screen navigation to direct the user.

The navigation system uses global positioning system (GPS) technology to route and re-route, if necessary, users from A to B."GPS technology provides a ground position via the use of a satellite," says MD Ray Wilkinson. "As the driver or pedestrian moves, the GPS is continually tracked by the satellite to provide an ongoing point of reference for the routing device."

The package will consist of a personal digital assistant (PDA), GPS unit, car kit, software and relevant wiring. If the prospective user already owns a PDA, the other parts can be bought individually.

"This routing technology is at least 30% less expensive than traditional low-end, on-board navigation installed in luxury vehicles. This type of navigation is even more affordable for those people who are already in possession of a PDA," says Wilkinson.

The Map and Travel South African Cities will cost R799, and the Map and Travel Navigator is priced at R1 499, depending on the PDA packaged with the software and its accessories.

MapIT is looking to extend the products into installation in cars later this year, an option that Wilkinson says will be considerably cheaper than the navigation system currently packaged in high-end luxury vehicles.

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