Dr Jeremy Ward, a leading IT security expert in the UK, has confirmed that he will make a keynote presentation at the African IT Security Forum which AITEC is holding in London over 27-28 January. Dr Ward is Director of Service Development at Symantec UK. He serves on a number of professional bodies and advises the UK government on Internet security. His presentation will include the following:

Developing an IT Security Strategy:
· The IT Security Problem - how it could affect your organization
· How well do you manage IT security at the moment?
· Is the risk really increasing?
· Implementing a strategy to control the risk - through corrective, preventative and predictive actions


Theme: Catalysing Investments for ICT infrastructure development in Africa
- challenges and opportunities from the NEPAD initiative

Crowne Plaza, Sandton, South Africa 9-11 March 2004

The ICT Africa Investment Summit is being organised to discuss the challenges posed by the NEPAD initiative in the context of securing increased investments in the ICT infrastructure in Africa. The Summit will address relevant issues that are critical to securing increased investments in the broadcasting, IT and telecommunications infrastructure and service delivery in Africa.

The event is coordinated by Kemilinks International and is supported by the South African government (through the Department of Communications), the International Telecommunications Union, the African Telecommunications Union, the South African ICT industry though the South African Communications Forum (SACF) and other industry players in and outside Africa.

The key features of the event will include:

Forum to discuss the key issues that drive investment growth in the sector - financing strategies, policy and regulatory frameworks, technologies, applications and capacity building
- Exhibition and show case presentations from leading industry players
- Opportunities to present bankable projects in the ICT sector in Africa
- Networking and Business Development Opportunities in the ICT sector in Africa

A dedicated workshop for African Ministers responsible for the ICT sector

Awards for corporate and individual achievements in the ICT sector in Africa

Participation at the Summit will be drawn from high level decision makers in the ICT sector in Africa. These will include Ministers, financial institutions, senior policy advisors, regulators, telecom and broadcasting operators, service providers, manufacturers, system integrators, the media, consumers and other entities active in the ICT sector in Africa.

For details contact: Shola Taylor
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