Alvarion, wireless broadband solutions provider , announced last week that Telecom Namibia has placed a follow-on order worth over USD1M for Alvarion MGW systems operating in the 3.5GHz band. Telecom Namibia first chose MGW in 2000 to bring affordable Toll Quality Voice and Voice-Band Data to many of its service areas. Delighted with its performance throughout Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, Mariental, and other urban and rural areas, it is now expanding the deployment to 3 additional sites in Northern Namibia.

Commenting on the news, Mr. Heinrich Bader, General Manager, Network Development, Implementation & Technology Operations of Telecom Namibia said, "Our choice of Alvarion’s excellent technology was based on three factors: its suitability for supporting both telephony and data services, its attractive performance, and Alvarion’s reputation for excellent professional services. Our experience over the last two years has exceeded our expectations in each of these realms. The network has proven to be quick and affordable to set up, performs flawlessly, and the dedicated support has made all the difference. As we extend our toll-quality services to new regions, we have also begun to investigate Alvarion’s entire product portfolio with an eye towards bringing wireless broadband access services to Namibia."