Telecoms News - In Brief


- SA’s Telkom has been slammed for continued anti-competitive behaviour after it lodged an appeal against a Competition Tribunal order compelling it to hand over copies of disputed client agreements to a rival operator. Orion Cellular says the appeal is another attempt to hold up Orion’s litigation against Telkom by withholding what it claims are public documents. Orion has accused Telkom of abusing its monopoly position to unfairly target Orion’s clients and lure them away.

- The CEO of Vodacom South Africa, Alan Knott-Craig, has projected that the potential for total subscribers in Nigeria could be more than double the current estimate of 20m.

- The inhabitants of Ambositra in Madagascar have used 60,000 pre-paid cards in the nine public phones in the town and there are now 16 pre-paid card resellers in the town.

- The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) at the weekend scrapped the multiple charges by fixed line operators. The development followed a limited mobility service dispute between telephone operators. Limited mobility allows operators to provide a form of mobile telephony to subscribers only within the local circle.The NCC said private Telecommunications Operators (PTOs) were not licensed to provide mobile telephone service (limited mobile service) and therefore do not have the right to charge subscribers different rates for their mobile and fixed lines.