There are currently three ADSL service providersin Morocco, Menara (subsidiary of Maroc Telecom/Vivendi), Wanadoo (subsidiary of France Telecom), and us, MTDS. We all pay Maroc Telecom the same prices for Internet access, ADSL access, etc, so there is a virtual "level playing field" among the ADSL providers in Morocco, as long as Menara is not too favorably treated by its generous parent. All provide broadband ADSL access throughout the entire Kingdom and the prices are very similar.

There are two outstanding issues which are likely to be resolved in the coming weeks.At the present time, both Wanadoo and MTDS must ask our customers to sign a Maroc Telecom (MT) ADSL access contract as well as our own contract for providing Internet. MTDS has been informed by MT and the regulator ANRT that in the coming weeks it will be permitted to integrate the MT monthly ADSL charges and present our customers with a single bill. For those of you that are already subscribed to ADSL, it will be able to eliminate this clumsy "double bill" arrangement soon.

The other issue is the issue of monthly traffic limits. The existing MT rules put a "cap" on the monthly amount of data transferred during business hours (8:00 - 20:00) depending on the products you buy, i.e. 128, 256, 512 and charge a per Mo surplus. As MTDS’s MD Karl Stanzick told us:"This is unique in the world market and I strongly believe that this is not a sustainable policy and that it will be changed in the coming months. The issue has been put to the ANRT and we are awaiting their decision".

"We are very impressed with the response to this new product and are shooting for 1,000 ADSL subscribers by the end of the year. On average, it is taking between 5 and 10 days for installation and technically things are all working very well".