Portal Universe today launched PortalUniverse ARDCS, aimed at the local and international low-cost/low-fare airline market, and confirmed that 1time, SA’s newest low-fare airline, is the first airline to purchase the system. 1time starts operations on Wednesday, 25 February, with three return flights a day on the Johannesburg - Cape Town route. A passenger will pay R581 or less for any seat, on any flight and on any day.

Built on Oracle9i Database and Oracle’s latest Application Server 10g, PortalUniversARDCS consists of four components: a booking engine for public, call centre and airport office staff users; an airport operations system for check-in, boarding gate and baggage control; a financial function to maximise yield and revenue, and a corporate portal interface for authorised corporate clients to book at a pre-negotiated price per ticket. "1time is privately owned and in a position to take advantage of unique opportunities to achieve operating costs materially lower than its competitors," says Rodney James, marketing and operations director at 1time. "As a result, passengers benefit from flying with an airline of world-class standard at low fares."

A unique feature of PortalUniverse ARDCS is the way in which it pre-seats passengers at check-in, says Leonard Harley, MD at Portal Universe. "When a passenger checks in with their ID and proof of payment, our ARDCS pre-seats them according to the loading pattern of the aircraft, and then, within these parameters, they have a seating choice. We also cater for the management and payment of excess baggage in real-time at the check-in counter."

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