Computer News - In Brief


- Lechabile Storage Solutions has announced that they have successfully completed testing of a cost-effective computer-based storage system for video surveillance applications.The high cost of storing video on computer-based storage systems has inhibited the broad acceptance of this technology to date. However, the rapidly falling costs of data storage over the past year have enabled Lechabile Storage Solutions to develop a video surveillance solution suitable for the most demanding surveillance applications. The video surveillance solution is based on the latest industry standard MPEG-4 encoding technique (similar to the encoding technique used on commercial DVD’s).

- SA’s World Computer Systems (WCS) has opened a new depot in Linbro Business Park in Johannesburg, part of a broad expansion strategy that will see the components distributor open new branches in major cities countrywide.

- Sun Microsystems’ aggressive push into the entry-level server market has been well received in South Africa, with its reseller partner ICL announcing the sale of the first Intel-based Sun Fire V65x in Cape Town. According to ICL Cape account manager Ivar Kilian, Medway, a health insurance organisation, selected the V65x over branded and ‘white-box’ competitors. The competing branded solution was significantly more expensive than the V65x, while the white box was marginally cheaper.

- The Eduplex Primary School in Pretoria, South Africa, has become the first school in Africa, and one of the first schools in the world, to be equipped with Automatic Frequency Synchronisation (AFS) technological devices, fixed into classrooms and assembly centres to assist learners with hearing problems.