The Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) has moved to stop the diversion of international phone traffic from public telecommunications operator, Telkom Kenya. It has contracted the services of Tadiran Electronic System, an Israeli company, to install a radio spectrum management monitoring system at a cost of Sh464 million. The system will detect illegal VSAT installations in any part of the country. It will also help CCK to monitor licensed broadcasters, who are currently operating in breach of their parameters.

The monitoring equipment is made up of two parts - the National Control Centre and two mobile monitors. The centre based at the CCK headquarters in Nairobi is connected to unmanned fixed stations in Mombasa, Mazeras, Kahawa, Kitale and Garissa. The centre can retrieve information from the various stations through a remote system.

Integrated communications network is achieved through use of leased digital data lines, microwave links, HF links, dial up and GSM lines, to ensure that the system is up and running all the time.Kariuki said system will enable CCK to reduce its monitoring budget. Already, a number of CCK officers have been trained both locally and in Israel on how to use the new equipment.The system has two mobile monitoring stations (Vans), which will be used to track down illegal installations and transmissions to the specific locations.

East African Standard