Telecoms News - In Brief


- Intec Telecom Systems, a worldwide Operations Support Systems (OSS) vendor for fixed, mobile and IP/ next generation networks, and Giza Systems, a leading systems integrator in the Middle East, last week announced they have signed a contract extension for Intec’s Inter-mediatE solution with Telecom Egypt, the country’s PTT and largest telecommunications service provider. Under the terms of the new agreement Telecom Egypt will extend the use of Inter-mediatE to provide nationwide mediation communications support for its operations by supplying the usage data for all the company’s billing systems.

- Telecom Namibia said last week week that its subsidiary, Infinitum, was losing staff because they were being offered higher paying jobs. A source at one of the leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Windhoek told the Economist that ISP’s are worried that the brain drain at Infinitum would affect their operations. "The key staff have been offered much higher salary packages than what we could counter offer, with a much more flexible pay structure than us where individuals can structure their benefits to suit their personal needs", said Telecom spokesman Ferdinard Tjombe.

- ATM Mobilis, the mobile subsidiary of Algérie Telecom has announced the activiation of additional capacity of half a million lines.