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Internet service provider M-Web says it is cracking down on spam as the flood of junk mail grows bigger. Mervyn Goliath, general manager of M-Web technology operations, says ISPs are being forced to do more to prevent the surge of junk e-mail from entering their user’s mailboxes.

"Spammers are determined to beat spam combating systems, and are using increasingly sophisticated methods to by-pass spam-blocking systems. Its a full-scale combat, with spammers improving their techniques as ISP’s improve their systems," he says.

The latest addition to the systems M-Web uses to fight spam is based on two systems: mail filter solution Spam Assassin, together with Amavis, a customisable mail transport agent. M-Web has integrated a customised version of these systems with an in-house development project, called "spam bust". The system automatically scans all e-mail for typical subject lines and content.Goliath says trial phases of the spam assassin system had a spam blocking rate of between 85 and 90%.

M-Web users will all receive the service, with the option of unsubscribing via a web interface. Users will also be able to set up their own "allow lists" to prevent the blocking of specific mass mail.

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