* All government schools situated at the headquarters of the 27 local government councils of Nigeria’s Jigawa State are to start receiving e-learning via the state’s e-education programme, as soon as the state’s broadband network is commissioned. Speaking last week the Director of Information Technology, Alhaji Sani Mohamed. "Work on the connection of all the schools is soon to be completed. With its completion and the final stage of installing the main hub at Dutse, the schools are fully on-line which will make it possible for the e-learning programme," Mohammed said. Already, he said, the syllabus for the programme is being worked out by the consultant hired to design it adding that subjects to be taught via the e-learning programme, would only be science related subjects. He added that schools across the state would simulteneously be taking the same subject with their counterparts in government’s schols in the state while their teachers will remain in Dutse, the state’s capital to teach them.

The Jigawa broadband project which will facilitate the e-learning programe has been completed and is now waiting for commissioning by President Olusegun Obasanjo. It is expected that the project will facilitate and enhance various projects initiated by Governor Saminu Turaki as well as commercialising it to generate reveue for the state.

* A former ‘street kid’ has been named as one of the finalists in the African ICT Achievers 2003 awards, as part of the event’s move to focus on youth development. The winners will be named this weekend. The annual Forge Ahead African ICT Achievers awards recognise excellence in the African ICT sector. The former street kid, 23-year-old Mandla Njokwane, who taught himself to use a variety of software programs and now works as a Youth Development Trust mentor, teaching other youngsters PC skills.

Other finalists in the youth category are: Krugersdorp High School deputy head boy Gavin David Growar, for a school project on how Bluetooth technology can be used in rural areas; Nigerian youth ambassador Gbenga Sesan, for his work in promoting ICT among youth; and Lyle Laxton of Lateral Thinking Technologies, for his ICT education system called "Lateral Thinking Technique".

Alexandre Galley, Chair of GA Holding has been arrested by the Ivorian police. This is a complicated tale as M Galley is in conflict with the shareholders of the mobile company Cora. Accusations have been made by former employees that he closed the company down and took 400 million FCFA from the company.

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