Zambian ISP CopperNET Solutions says Zambia could be in the electronic commerce business but it needs proper legistlation that will build people’s confidence in it, writes Timothy Kasolo. Presenting a paper on the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce in Zambia CopperNet Solutions Operations Manager Thomas Musaluke said E-commerce needs proper legislation for Zambian businesses to succeed.

Musaluke said there is need to have a legal and regulatory framework that will control online business like taxation of Information Technology applications. He said Zambia needs e-commerce for marketing, supply and procurement of goods and services so as to allow people conduct their businesses through e-commerce.

Musaluke observed that e-commerce plays a role in ensuring that companies enter partnership with global business partners in order for them to extend their reach in business. He added that CopperNET solutions is one of the companies that is providing e-commerce and other selected banks in the country.

"CopperNet solutions is one of the companies that is providing e-commerce, there is also a number of selected banks, celpay, Multi choice Zambia, freight companies, Car dealers and other companies," Musaluke said. Though e-commerce in Zambia is existing there are some loop holes that has led to e-commerce stagnating. He argued that though many Financial Institutions say that they are involved in e-commerce they are reluctant to get involved in active e-commerce.

Musaluke said one of the major problems is that Zambia as a country has got no local credit cards insuance and that the Zambian economy is only cash driven hence goods are very expensive. He also said that there is lack of policy direction to instill confidence in the consumers by introducing different modes of payment. Musaluke observed that Zambia as a country coul benefit a lot from e-commerce by bringning back consumer credit worthiness.