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* With interconnection the big issue in Nigeria MTN’s boss there, Adrian Wood was in upbeat mood on the issue when he spoke at a recent ICT event. Here is Wood’s checklist for improving service:

Power: While acknowledging government’s efforts at reforming the sector, he informed that MTN generates 50 mega watts of power daily and this consumes a million and half litres of diesel. The generators work so hard that they have to be replaced every three months. This month, it replaced 150 of them.

Base Stations: MTN has 670 base stations working at the moment; the figure is expected to hit 5,000 in the next three to four years. The demand is so high, according to him, that most new base stations just take a few minutes to be saturated. For instance, the 7th base station in Aba was soaked in just 20 minutes, while the one in Asaba was gone in one and half weeks.

Security : He noted that security of people and assets of the company enjoys high visibility on their priority scale. At the moment MTN has 2,500 security personnel.

And on that interconnect issue: "We are not annoyed that operators have gone to court. It’s normal and encouraged. We are not worried about the case. It is good for the industry."

On the move: Ben Akoh, ICT Africa is moving to the Open Society of West Africa...Lameck Ogembo is joining AITEC Kenya in January as its new Managing Director.