Impi is the Zulu word for ‘a group of warriors’ and Impi Linux is one with a host of proven open source software.

"Most developers in the "first world" countries have no idea of the conditions on our continent. Waiting around for a foreign developer or company to give us something that we need, merely echoes the legacy of colonialism. We need to dispose of that mindset," said Ross Addis in an e-mail interview.

"Impi Linux proves that Africans are capable of being self-determined in the digital world," he also said. Addis, technology consultant at MIP Holdings, is chairman of the Gauteng Linux User Group that gave birth to Impi Linux.

He said Impi is as good as any other Linux system, even better. Impi comes with the Linux tradition of stability and being less prone to virus attacks.

"Sure a few [viruses] have been written, but they haven’t really made any impact. Linux systems are normally more secure that other OSes and because of the diverse nature of the distributions, desktop interfaces and packages, it would be very difficult for a virus to infect all Linux systems," Addis added.

"Where possible, we will try to involve the local academic and IT communities in implementing their language in Impi Linux," Addis also said. And that is the spirit of open source software development—a community of developers working for the good of all.

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