Computer News - In Brief


- Bugs in Gaïnde, the online customs system implemented in Senegal are causing considerable financial losses for the Government.

- South Africans have been waiting almost a year for phase one of their national e-government rollout, in which the government would consolidate information and existing services, then establish a call center and portal to allow citizens to access this information. "There is progress, we just haven’t launched yet," explains Jack Shilubane, acting government Chief Information Officer. Despite administrative delays, Shilubane says the development work on the project is complete. He attributes the delay to necessary caution. "Every department has to agree that they offer particular services," he says. Some municipalities have already launched their enhanced customer service portals; however, this is not part of the national rollout and does not fall within the government’s definition of e-government. "What we are doing is integrating all government information on a single portal," says Shilubane. "There have been departments, provinces, municipalities that have been doing e-government projects, and they were started before we established the gateway. They will ultimately fit into what we are doing."

- SA’s Border Technikon and the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) Foundation have combined forces, sponsoring the training and testing of 22 disadvantaged learners towards their ICDL qualification.

- Sun Microsystems has introduced aggressive discounts on a broad range of software technologies for the higher education market.