- Telephone links have been re-established between the north and south of Benin that had been cut since last Saturday following an outage on the fibre optic cable.

- GSM operator Orange in Cote D’Ivoire has cut its minutes from 120 to 80 FCFA between midnight and six in the morning. International calls have been cut from 900 to 600 FCFA. Also between midday and 14.30 calls will be reduced by 25%.

- A two month old dispute between Sonatel and its Guinea-Bissau counterpart that cut the connection between the two countries means that Guinea-Bissau citizens on the border are crossing over to use the telecentres in Wassadou, in the Department of Vélingara. The owners of the telecentres are reporting a tripling of turnover in the two months. Thierno Baïla Soumaré, owner of the Allahou telecentre told Wal Dajiri:"I am getting between 100,000-200,000 FCFA a day, and there have been increases of between 20,000-25,000 FCFA daily." Because this area of Guinea Bissau is an area of strong emigration to Portugal, many of these calls are international ones. Callers are by every method of transport on the weekends.

- The State Bank of Mauritius is now offering pre-paid mobile cards via its branches.