Telecoms News - In Brief


- The Ghanaian national ICT policy which was promised for June 2003 is nowhere to be seen. So far it has taken three years for the Ghanaian government to give birth to its policy. A somewhat protracted pregnancy. Meanwhile the regulator NCA was promising its policy on VOIP and international gateways by September 2003. Yes, you guessed it. No sign of that one either. On a more positive note, the Minister seems to be impressing people in the ICT sector with his capacity to listen to arguments. The Kofi Ananan-India Centre seems to be progressing apace and it looks likely that the local IXP, GINX will be set up there.

- Tanzanians are eagerly awaiting the final accounts for TTCL for the disputed year that affects the price to be paid for by MSI/Detecon. Soon, we’re told, soon.

- According to the Vanguard, Vodacom, has started to move some of its core personnel to Nigeria this month ready to assume managerial control in Econet Wireless Nigeria (EWN) Limited.

The continuing deterioration in the value of the Naira and the declining state of infrastruacture have increased the cost of providing telecommunication service by about 25 per cent in the last year, according to Gabriel Henshaw, executive director, IT Concepts Limited. "Apart from plant and machinery, most major operators also have to bring in personnel from abroad. And most of these personnel tie their remunerations to foreign currencies. So you can see that as the Naira drops in value, the cost of keeping these people around increases", he said.