* The Department of Communications most senior public servant, director-general Andile Ngcaba, has resigned to pursue his own business interests within the ICT sector. Ngcaba told ItWeb that he intends to leave government employ early next year and that a final date had not yet been set. He intends to start a business in the ICT sector that will be involved in SA and the rest of the continent:"I will have to do a round of raising funds for the venture, but I intend to start it as my own company," he says. Ngcaba says he has been mulling over his departure from the department for the last six months. He denied rumours that he would join any of the big names in the ICT sector, such as Dimension Data.

* It is with great sadness that we learn of the suicide of Artur Manhica, Mozambiqan ICT expert and occasional News Update contributor. He will be greatly missed.

* Dorothy Gordon has been appointed Director of the Kofi Annan-India Centre.