DataFin has successfully completed outsourcing contracts with three UK-based companies. Plans to set up further similar alliances are under way. The projects involved recruiting and setting up development teams for London Bridge, Work Share and Intelligence Q, who moved their development function to this country. Previously, their development teams were based in India and the UK.

Lindy Sollinger, founder of DataFin, says that its recruitment company placed most of the programmers in the development teams, consisting of Visual C++, Java and Visual Basic developers, within six months. "DataFin won this business based on its market position, integrity and ability to provide professional and highly skilled developers," Sollinger says. "Factors such as similar time zones and cultures, as well as efficient communication and favourable exchange rates, also helped the clients to recognise the benefits of establishing their development teams in Cape Town. In addition, local developers are well known for being highly competent and hard-working."

On the preferred supplier list of most companies in Cape Town, DataFin has an extensive database of more than 8 500 candidates. The company has a strong Web presence, and advertises extensively on all local e-recruitment sites. Although DataFin covers all aspects of recruitment, it focuses on developers, project managers, testers, technical writers, business analysts, ERP/CRM consultants, ICT and network specialists as well as new media experts.

Sollinger says, "DataFin is dedicated to playing an integral role in the development of Cape Town as an ICT hub, and aims to improve the recruitment process as a whole. The opportunity to work with UK-based companies is fully in line with the company’s objective to facilitate a "brain gain" rather than a "brain drain".

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