Some 32 ISPs have been identified to be involved in "fraudulent activities" resulting in the loss of USD30 million to Ghana Telecom (GT) between April and August last year, an official inquiry has confirmed.

According to the report Ghana Telecom lost billions of cedis through illegal termination of international calls using VOIP. GT sources said the company could have generated about USD15 million from the operations of these service providers last year using the current rates.(The difference between the report’s lost revenue figure and the company’s own estimated loss figure at today’s rates shows how much real rates have fallen.)

Major E.K. Tandoh (rtd), acting Director General of NCA and chairman of the three-man technical committee which included representatives from Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which probed the activities of the service providers told The Chronicle last Friday that the NCA has written to the ISPs involved to refund the lost monies. He said those who would fail to repay, would have their licenses withdrawn and prosecuted.

It has been established by a Chronicle source that Tower Communications, Ada Communications, Danpong Bus Centre, Danpong Fiber and Basic Refrigeration and Solar Light Company are some of the ISPs, which were involved in the malpractice.

Major Tandoh said after identifying the culprits the NCA had their systems blocked, adding that with the assistance of GT it has been possible to plug the multi-million dollar losses accruing to the nation through leakages in the system by providing operators a simplex system instead of a duplex line.

It is believed that some workers of GT connive with some of the Internet operators to cheat the company. "They even connive with some operators to give them duplex lines instead of simplex ones," a source at GT said.

Ghanaian Chronicle