One of the world’s global distribution system and travel technology providers is now entering the Tanzanian market. Amadeus provides airlines, hotels and car rental companies with software that enables them to disseminate information about their schedules, availability, pricing and ticketing of their world wide services.

Speaking to the Society of Travel Agents of Tanzania, recently in Dar es Salaam, the Company’s General Manager for East Africa, Aymeric Lanez , said the system links providers with subscribers including travel agencies and corporate travel departments, airport ticket offices, and city ticket offices through the group’s website. The company was expected to commence its activities in the city at the TDFL building this month.

He said as of June 2003, the system is used by some 65,240 travel agency locations world wide, and its global market share stands at 33.7 percent. The manager said the system is an essential sales tool for travel agencies, which represent Amadeus’s primary customers with 211,800 travel agency terminals connected to the system.

"Information is the lifeblood of travel. Without the means to collate, display and transmit millions of items of information at high speed to every corner of the world every minute, the travel industry could not hope to meet the world’s seemingly insatiable demand for mobility", he stressed. Lanez added that the travel industry is one of the largest in the world, and it is one of the most innovative, leading all other sectors in the use of electronic commerce and other cutting edge technologies like the internet serve its customers in ways that are constantly effective and innovative. He revealed that they plan to open another office in Nairobi in October this year, and one in Kampala before the end of this year. Apart from Amadeus systems other world wide providers are Galileo and Sabre. The company which is based in Spain, was founded in 1987 by Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS and became fully operational in 1992.

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