* According to the Daily Nation, some of the MPs challenging the third mobile operator licence have been under investigation by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) for alleged involvement in illegal termination of international traffic. According to the Nation:" of the MPs is even suspected to have links with Ms Data Global Ltd, the mysterious multi-million illegal operation whose operations at Nairobi’s Lonrho House were dismantled by CCK officials two months ago.

It has emerged that one of the employees of the company who is presently in court facing charge running the illegal operation, is a relation of one of the organisers of the Tuesday press conference. Also telling is the fact that the MPs are people whose names had come up in connection with the so called tier-2 carriers - the outfits which are under investigations for having committed Telkom Kenya into lopsided agreements and which caused the State company to lose billions in international traffic revenue.

As the nation commented:"Thus, although the evidence is anecdotal, the undercurrents in the whole controversy show that there is more than meets the eye in the whole saga. That press conference was clearly an opportunity for some of the MPs who have had a tiff with the CCK to hit back. A local company which participated in the tender has also been lobbying to have the contract cancelled".

* After three months in an acting role, Kevin Wright has been appointed to the key strategic role of CIO of Medscheme - SA’s largest healthcare administrator. Medscheme group CEO, André Meyer, says, "We are demonstrating the growing trend among companies to appoint a business professional to head ICT, as opposed to a career ICT professional."

Wright has a 10-year line management track record with Medscheme, and was formerly director of operations for the healthcare giant, overseeing the collection and payment of over R12bn annually by 2 000 staff. Wright reflects on his change of sides: "I went from being ICT’s biggest client to leading the team that has to serve all these demanding users. However, it really is an exciting challenge, and I am loving it."

  * Zimbabwean, Zachary Wazara, has been nominated to become Econet Wireless Kenya’s (EWK), Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Sources at Econet Wireless International (EWI) disclosed that Wazara, the former CEO of Econet Wireless Nigeria, was nominated for the post in September having been removed from his post in the fall-out between the company’s Nigerian shareholders.