Zimbabwe Internet users are experiencing serious Internet browsing problems because signal traffic that was previously routed direct to South Africa is being rerouted through the Mazoe Earth Station because of contractual disagreements between the two countries.Mazoe Earth Station is Zimbabwe’s largest international telecommunications link and the rerouting of traffic has caused serious congestion countrywide. The problem has been affecting local Internet browsers for several days.

One of the country’s largest Internet service providers, M-Web, said TelOne and Telcom South Africa have renegotiated a contract to route traffic in a way that would ease congestion. "Once this contract has been signed, implementation of the rerouting will take two to three days," said M-Web in a message to its customers. It said it had already alerted the Postal and Communication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz), the country’s sole communication regulatory body, of the slow browsing problem.

M-Web said it was working closely with TelOne to try and rectify the browsing problem and was hopeful the issue would be rectified urgently. An official with Africa Online also confirmed the problem of slow browsing speed, and said the organisation was also working flat out to find a solution. "We have had that problem for the past few days and we are working on it," he said.

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