Internet News - In Brief


- Sonatel has launched Ticket Surf, an online payment system that allows users to pay for a number of services including SMS text messaging. It uses a throwaway card with an 11 character code with an initial credit of CFAF 2500. You enter the code on those sites that are partners and are then able to make online payment.

- Beleaguered South African banks are again reeling from internet problems - two have now been attacked by an international super virus. Nedbank and First National Bank (FNB) have said their "internal" systems have been affected by a new super virus, but that customer services have not suffered. They said damage was not extensive and that the situation "was under control". The new virus, known as "Blaster", "LovSan" and "MSBlast", targets Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and has also been slowing down internet traffic. Thousands of home and office computers worldwide have been infected.

- SA’s Tiscali’s is offering existing ADSL subscribers add-on bandwidth in increments of 3GB for a fee of R250 per month per additional 3GB. "Our aim is to assist users who need the extra capacity to carry them through the month should they reach the initial 3GB cap imposed by Telkom," says Michelle Branco, business-to-consumer manager at Tiscali.

- M-Web Studios GM Russel Yeo says the record of unique visitors jumped from the previous monthly best of 750,000 in 2002, to 814,834 for the month of July. The record number of page views in a single day was also broken, jumping to 630,729, from an average of about 520,000.