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A Ugandan company has built what is claimed to be its first ever electronic business directory. The compact disc (CD) directory, with 30,000 listings, is a brainchild of Infomania and was launched late last month. The listings cover a cross section of business entities with their attributions of contact addresses, physical location, products and services offered.

The directory comprehensively covers sectors such as the education, tourism, trade and industry, ICT and investment opportunities. Mr Laban Jjemba, a director at Infomania, said the directory would be upgraded every four months. "We are aware of the dynamic nature of the Ugandan private sector. We have to upgrade so often so as to be able to capture as much data as there is at any one time," he said. He added that the directory would be available for free for the time being but at some stage would be availed at some nominal fee.

"The real issue is not to make money out of it, because it is indeed supposed to be free, but we would like to create value for it thus the nominal fee," he said. He added that companies listed on the directory could have an added advantage of having the directory directly linked to their individual websites.

The Executive Directot of the Uganda Investment Authority, Ms Maggie Kigozi, said the new directory should make it easier for investors to discover the hidden treasures of Uganda. The directory was built in collaboration with the UIA and Privatisation Unit.

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