Internet News - In Brief


- SA’s Systemsfusion, a supplier of next generation IP services and hosting platforms, has partnered with MTN Airborn and Sun Microsystems to provide what it calls a ‘turnkey solution that enables GSM networks throughout Africa to offer ISP services’.

- One of the leading Nigerian ISPs, Hyperia, is taking steps to avert sanctions from the industry regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). NCC recently indicted Hyperia of illegal use of radio frequency spectrum (3.5 GHZ band) for which they are not licenced, thereby committing an offence punishable under section 31 of the Nigerian Communications Act. The Commission which said its enhanced monitoring effort unmasked Hyperia’s illegal operation which caused interference to all Licenced fixed wireless operators, had threatened legal action against the ISP.By virtue of the Act, an illegal operator risk a jail term or fine, ten times the value of the initial fee in addition to confiscation of the equipment used for the illegal operation. But media reports indicate that Hyperia’s management have reached out to the NCC with a view to resolving the matter amicably.