The rates at which costs of international calls are going down in Nigeria are phenomenal. Unfortunately, these are by illegal means. In one cybercafe in Lagos, calls to America and the UK cost N20 (Twenty Naira only) per minute. Calls to other locations like Asia and African countries cost N30 per minute.

That is to say, it is now cheaper to make a call to a friend in California than to call your friend next door with your GSM! But compare this with current international calls on NITEL"s network at N99 per minute, and that of GSM networks still going for N150 per minute, and you would see how big this gap has grown. Ironically, by law today, only NITEL has right to carry international calls for all operators, while the GSM operators have a restricted right to carry international calls for only their users. They are forbidden to carry for other operators.

Analysts have clamoured for reasonable cost in making international calls in Nigeria, especially when NITEL took N230 per minute of international calls, with international traffic accounting for almost 80 per cent of its revenue, then. In other countries like South Africa, international calls were systematically lowered to average revenues from national calls so as not to make the network so dependent on international traffic. This systematic approach has also helped to stop illegal operators of international calls.