* Jacques Arsène Louari is now Burkina Faso’s Minister of Post and Telecommunications. He replaces Jean Z. Ouédraogo.

* Dr Hasmukh Gajjar has been appointed as an executive director to the board of SA’s Faritec. Before joining Faritec, Dr Hasmukh Gajjar was the CEO of IT firm Consilience Technologies, former chairman of the Black IT Forum and past president of the Black Business Council.

*’s Policy Director Ewan McPhie this week asked the South African regulator ICASA to remember that:"By focusing only on the benefits of wireless technologies for the mobile professional, ICASA and the South African Government would only be reaping the benefits of the technology to aid already privileged sections of the population. While this is necessary to ensure South Africa’s continued positioning in an international economy and society, it cannot be done at the expense of broader sections of the population. Especially not when the selfsame technology offers vast potential to improve the quality of life for so many of the country’s citizens"

* Corporate Affairs Director for Nigeria’s wireless provider Reltel Sylvester Okonkwo admitted that its network was experiencing "hiccups". He assured local reporters that the problems will not last more than necessary informing that his organization was working day and night to complete the expansion works within manageable time, say between 60 and 90 days. However the fact that work is going on does not mean loss of services entirely, saying that sometimes, the subscribers may not even notice drastic changes in the quality of services. Well that sounds reassuring...