Computer News - In Brief


- Senegal’s ambitious Project Technopole seems to have been stopped in its tracks. It appears to have been a victim of regime change as it was a priority of the previous Government. The aim was to open what might be described as a technology park ten kilometres from the centre of the City. One organisation has a building on the site but others have not followed. A Bureau Technopole exists but seems to be making little progress. Another case of a grand announcement soon to be forgotten.

- SA’s Wisdom Systems, an application partner of InterSystems South Africa, has developed and deployed a membership database application for the ANC that runs on the CACHÉ post-relational database.

- Meditel has signed an agreement with Maroc Connect to distribute products aimed at company users, particularly dedicated networks aimed at large companies, SMEs and the professions.

- A school in Ndikinmeki has received five computers to teach pupils ICT.