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However, logging on to the site proved impossible and calling through to the booking line elicited a long wait, followed by the apology that the special was only valid if the booking was made online."As we speak we are working on getting the Web site right, as well as talking about the possibility of offering the specials through the call centre as well," says Gidon Novic, commercial director of Kulula.com.

He says the response was 10 times bigger than Kulula.com had anticipated, and its servers proved unequal to the task of dealing with 40 times the usual load."Our servers are currently way under-utilised so we thought we had the capacity, but the demand was concentrated in such a small period of time," Novic says.

Questioned as to whether Kulula.com would consider alternatives like requesting extra capacity from its Internet service provider for mirroring for future special offers, Novic responds that the company would "consider whatever it takes", but added that "peak demand is always going to be difficult".

He did offer some words of hope to potential clients. "They must definitely keep on trying, and we will continue to keep offering the fares later today. We can’t guarantee that they’ll be there beyond the weekend, but we’ve loaded 12 000 seats onto the system so it’s unlikely that they will all be taken up in the first few hours. There are still thousands of seats available as we speak."