- According to Le Phare, the Governor of DRC province, Kisai Oriental is being sued for USD4705 dollars for non-payment for a computer and various mobiles by Augustin Tshibangu of Panama Business Kinshasa. This is surely a sign of approaching peace and we wish Mr Tshibangu all luck in getting his money. Politicians on the continent have an unhealthy attitude of assuming that their local ICT suppliers should supply them with all their tech goodies for free.

- Nomsah Jowah has left Zimbabwean state incumbent TeleOne to join the new SNO which is due to start operations shortly.

- Senegal’s redoubtable Michel Mavros is talking about setting up a company to do rural telephony.

- Kenya’s Members of Parliament want Telkom Kenya’s monopoly to operate telephone landlines terminated.They said the parastatal was inefficiently run, despite having operated as a monopoly for many years.

- According to Andile Ngcaba, Director-General of SA’s Department of Communications, its free SIM cards prposal will give economically disadvantaged people access to message, SMS and various e-transactional facilities, in line with the country’s universal service and access policy.