Sierratel has put in digital switch in the southern town of Bo that will handle 2,500 lines rather than the current 500 through the old analogue switch. There is also now a microwave link to Freetown. Senior Engineer A.B Mansaray said Sierratel has gone back and installed solar power systems in all the areas previously installed before the civil war, and facilities at Rotifunk, Moyamba and Mano Basse have been updated fully. Mr. Mansaray also noted that one of their primary objectives was to introduce internet facilities, fax and e-mail services into all these areas in the provinces, geared towards easing communication with that part of the country. He said the prepaid system will soon be introduced with facilities provided for NGOs, banks and government offices on request. The senior engineer pleaded with subscribers to pay their bills, as that is one of the greatest problems the company is now facing, and which is threatening to undermine the company’s operations.