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Digital Content

- Kompyuta ne Yuganda is a Luganda translation project to enable any literate Luganda speaker (and probably speakers of some other bantu languages) make use of the power of electronic computers and information technology. The Translation Project is an international voluntary organisation whose aim is to coordinate software developers, people who can translate and computer users (running Linux, GNU and other *NIXen) in an effort to enable computers to "speak" in as many of the world’s languages as possible.

- Senegal’s Garentic has launched the new version of its web site that provides articles on ICT written by Africans.

- IDPM of Manchester is making available its handbooks for those working with SMEs and entrepreneurs themselves in french, spanish and arabic.

- South African football team the Kaiser Chiefs have become the first team to open a cyber café for their supporters.

- Nigerian Guaranty Trust Bank’s website has, for a record three-times, been rated the overall best amongst all banks’ website in Nigeria. In the latest rating released last week by Phillips Consulting it won the Gold Award for overall effectiveness.