Digital Content

One incidental side benefit of Kenya’s internet exchange point is a number of new web offerings. Shopping mall the Sarit Centre launched Kate’s Kikapu (swahili for basket). Its pitch is to offer diaspora Kenyans the opportunity to buy gifts for their relatives at home. These can be bought online with buyers able to choose different wrapping paper and have it delivered to the address of their choice. Interestingly, the credit card transaction appears to have been arranged outside Kenya. (When will the local banking sector wake up and get on the bus?)

One of Kenya’s most popular radio stations is streaming content through a co-located server at ISPKenya. It is popular both inside and outside Kenya. Mobile provider Kencell have a server also at ISPKenya that receives SMS via FTP. It sends out jokes, news items, sports updates and the weather. The content providers put the content up on to the server and it synchronises with the SMS platform. Also one university is considering offering an online distance learning offering.