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A seminar organised by the NGO, Association for the Support and Encouragement of Women Entrepreneurs (ASAFE), on Monday last week kicked-off in Douala. The seminar which brings together women entrepreneurs, business consultants and experts falls in line with the policy of spreading and developing the New Information and Communication Technology as well as the fight against poverty. It is organised in partnership with a Geneva-based Centre for International Commerce (CCI).

For five days (July 7 to 11, 2003), participants under the auspices of Lilia Hachen Naas (Principal commercial administrator for Africa), Stephane Daigle, Consultant (International Trade Centre), and Christain Planchette (Principal enterprise management administrator), brainstormed on topics like, the conception of business management systems, the development of business capacities, the execution of commercial transactions, introduction to the NEEDSME software (for use in business diagnoses), and an introduction to the "e-opportunity", the opportunities resulting from the use of new technologies.

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