Telecoms News - In Brief


- Mobile cellular operator, NetOne has temporarily suspended roaming services within Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique.NetOne managing director, Mr Reward Kangai said they had decided to suspend the facility after failing to secure foreign currency to settle debts.

- The Algerian regulator ARPT has authorised Algérie Télécom to put up both its local and national call charges from 1 August this year. It has put its local tariffs up to 1 DA a minute without taxes and for national traffic 3.5 DA a minute without taxes.

- Burkina Faso’s pre-paid card agent Telmob says it it is selling 560 million CFAs worth of cards a week. Sellers ply their trade at traffic lights. One told Sidwaya:"If I sell a 2,500 CFA card, I get 125 CFAs. If I sell a 5,000 CFA card, I get 250 CFAs."

- The Mauritian regulator ICTA has said that from 1 August 2003 mobile operators Emtel and Cellplus will pay less to Mauritius Telecom for connecting calls from a fixed line to one of their subscribers. At present they pay 1.75 Re a minute to MT and from 1 August this will fall to 0.75 Re.