Digital Content

The cybersquatting of the site Cybercité d’Ebène has caused Business Parks of Mauritius enormous embarassement. No longer holding the legal right to its web site address since the beginning of the year there’s nothing it can do except adopt a .mu address.

The new owner of the address since 10 January 2003, Sham Kumar Missry has acknowledged that he carried out this act of cybersquatting as a challenge to the company. According to BPML:"We have contacted our legal counsel, the ICT authority of Mauritius and Versign Network Solutions with whom we’ve registered our name. They have told us that a legal challenge would be costly and likely to prove ineffective."The only solution seems to be to launch a marketing campaign to publicise the new web site address.

Sham Kumar Missry retorts:"They are pretending to be big professionals but they can’t even control their own shop window". He also says that his company Business Park acquired the site quite legally at the beginning of the year. He is offering to return the site but BPML say they don’t want to negotiate with "such a person."