Digital Content

In 1999 there were only a handful of websites on Zambia and most of the sites lacked the aura of being able to attract potential visitors and investors to the country, writes Leonard Nelson. Furthermore a large number of Zambians residing in other countries were often dismayed by the slow response time and low uptime of other sites. To address these problems, The Zambian was established with the sole purpose of being able to deliver content to anyone interested in the country. At the same time, to encourage Zambian business and other organizations to exploit the power of Internet audiences, all the services such as Yellow Pages, Web Site Design and Banner Advertising were offered free of charge as an incentive to jump start the movement of enterprises establishing an online presence. In the past three years, The Zambian has helped promote a large number of organizations to audiences that typically would not have been accessible. The site has also established strategic alliances with a host of affiliate websites in order to ensure that the services offered are always competitive and comparable to world standards. The Zambian was the first site in Zambia to use Microsoft .NET technology and continues to pave the way forward for other sites in and around Africa. Perhaps the most striking aspect of The Zambian is the fact that the entire site has been built and is continued to be maintained by voluntary efforts - people who believe that Zambia too can be a wired nation.