The South African company Vodacom has denied reports that it is abandoning the Mozambican mobile phone market, and will not use the licence that it was granted last year. The weekly paper "Savana" spoke in Johannesburg with the deputy executive director of Vodacom, Andrew Mthembu, who said that negotiations are still continuing.

"There are delays, but it’s not true that we’ve given up", said Mthembu. "We are continuing to negotiate, but a great deal depends on the Mozambican government". He would give no further details. The Mozambican government has already made it clear that it does not wish to intervene, and that, as a last resort, the regulatory body, the National Communications Institute (INCM), could fix the disputed inter-connection charges. Transport and Communications Minister Tomas Salomao told "Savana" that the negotiations "are at a delicate stage". But they were between Vodacom and TDM and currently, he insisted, do not involve either his ministry or the INCM. "If the two sides do not reach an agreement, they will sign a minute to that effect, requesting the intervention of the regulator, who in turn will inform the ministry", Salomao said.

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