The Southern African Internet Forum has three key objectives:

1. To help create a shared strategic agenda between the private sector, the regulators and civil society that will help each advocate for change that will overcome current obstacles.

2. To offer high-level training through experience-sharing that will enable the private sector and civil society the ability to identify new opportunities and to act boldly in tackling them.

3. To allow participants the opportunity to put in place a Southern African Internet Forum as a way of pursuing these discussions on a regular basis.

The South African Internet Forum be a three-day event with a high-level training workshop on the third day (11-13) April 2003, Kwa Maritane Game Lodge, Pilansberg, South Africa). There will be a plenary stream with breakout panels to discuss specific topics. It will precede IDRC’s Acacia event; Lessons of Empowerment from Communities enabling participants to attend both events.


NB: Starts 2pm

Opening session: Plenary: Setting an agenda for action
William Stucke (AFRISPA), Mike Jensen and Johan Prinsloo, Intelsat

Session 2: Regulators, policy makers, civil society and the private sector: Forging new relationships to make things happen
Jaco Kruger, iWay (Namibia)
A representative from the South African Department of Communications
Ewan McPhie,
Manie Eagar, General Manager, ICOZA (Pty) Ltd


Session 3: Thinking the Unthinkable - African regulatory challenges for the 21st century (VOIP, the international bandwidth monopoly, interconnection and rural operators
Russell Southwood, Balancing Act
A representative from the South African Department of Communications
Tim Parsonson, Storm (To be confirmed)

Session 4: Digital rights - The minefield of censorship, personal privacy and much more: What users are entitled to
Ryk Meiring (South Africa)
Bretton Vine (South Africa)


Session 5: Lobbying government and regulators: Getting your voice heard, influencing others - Lessons to be learnt
Charley Lewis, LINK Centre
Mike van den Bergh, Gateway Communications

Session 6: Reaching the parts others cannot reach:
E-rate ­ Daniel Espitia
Handhelds ­ Theresa Peters,
Wireless ­ Bassit Bulbulia, Witel Africa
Virtual communities ­ David Barnard, Sangonet


Session 7: Domain names - How can Southern Africa regain control of this process
Calvin Browne
Brian Longwe

Closing plenary session: Creating a Southern African Internet Forum

Followed by the high-level training session: Creating national and regional Internet Exchange Points: reducing costs and speeding up content delivery
Brian Longwe (Kenya)

The Kwa Maritime Bush Lodge is two hours from Johannesburg. Transport arrangements will be confirmed with you upon booking.

The forum is being organised by AITEC and Balancing Act, with support from the Southern African Open Society Initiative.

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