Botswana’s Vista Cellular has been rebranded under the Orange brand name. This is the latest operation in Africa to be re-branded after the successful launches of Orange in the Ivory Coast and in Cameroon on 29th May and 4th June 2002 respectively. In Africa, Orange has operations in Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, the Ivory Coast, and Madagascar and is the only global operator to have an established brand presence in sub saharian Africa. The launch of the Orange brand in Botswana comes just after the re-brand of Dutchtone in the Netherlands.

Marc Mesle, Vice President Orange SA, responsible for Africa Orange SA, said: "Communications remain key to the commercial growth of many industries in Africa and Orange is well placed to provide the quality, coverage and innovation required by personal and business customers alike. By the end of 2002, Orange’s African operations had a combined base of more than 2.6 million customers and prospects for future growth remain extremely strong."

Orange Botswana’s network covers 70% of urban areas. Research carried out in January 2003 shows a congestion rate of just 0.95% and drop call rate of 1.72% in urban areas on Orange Botswana’s network.

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