Telecoms News - In Brief


- MTN subscribers can now make and receive calls on their MTN phones even when they travel to any of 41 different countries spread across Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. MTN’s bilateral roaming agreements with these different telecom networks in each of these countries ensure that MTN customers can roam on these networks while abroad. Customers on the foreign networks can also roam on MTN network when in Nigeria.

- LogicaCMG has announced a significant new contract with Wataneya for Mobile Communications, a subsidiary of Telecom Egypt, the country’s sole fixed-line telephone provider. The company is currently building Egypt’s third GSM cellular-telephone network and will use LogicaCMG’s Odyssey solution for planning, designing and optimising its new GSM network.

- Tanzania’s regulator TCC is due to merge with the broadcasting regulatory body TBC and is planning to take over the registration and management of .tz top-level country domain.

- New bids for the second national fixed-line operator in South Africa, with less stringent criteria than before, must be submitted by the end of this month and the winner is expected to be named in 90 days.