An internet caravan run by a research centre (Crafs) for the Colleges of Beni Mellal for teachers and students has just completed a three month tour visiting 42 colleges, writes David Cadasse. According to Ahmed Hafdi, a member of Crafs it is a "citizens’ mission". Set up as part of the country’s overall ICT strategy, its first journey took it to 18 schools over 20 days. It stops at each establishment for 5-6 sessions of about twenty minutes outside of the school timetable so as not to disturb student’s learning time. It comes equipped with two to three laptops, a digital projector and a digital camera.

Each session helps students understand through working with a range of digital tools and is followed by a discussion with their teacher. One tool might be a multimedia CD-ROM. For science work, a CD-ROM allows them to model experiments that they might not have the equipment to carry out in their own schools. It is also possible, for example, to explain how an atom works in a less abstract manner. Students are reported to a little resistant initially but their teachers are more likely to be familiar as they may have computers at home. It will be creating a web site and a discussion areas shortly for teachers and students.