* Fintech Group out-going chief executive, Tony Githuku, said the industry needs incentive schemes for software export, such as export compensation and tougher legislation on protection. "Though the industry can be turned into an economic engine, currently the country has less than 10 organisations actively engaged in software development. These numbers can improve dramatically if the right incentives are put in place," he said.

Githuku said the Kenyan firm was sure of the industry’s potential to the economy given experience from its software development division. It forms the backbone of its solution base and has an edge in the provision of core business solutions.Githuku who is moving over to Kenya Commercial Bank as the director of Information Technology (IT) was speaking during a ceremony to mark the group’s 10th anniversary at a Nairobi hotel.

* Santie Botha, an Absa executive director, has resigned from the group andwill leave Absa at the end of June 2003. She will be joining MTN. Nallie Bosman, Absa Group Chief Executive, said that the responsibility for the areas reporting to Santie Botha will be assigned to other executive directors.

* Peter Ballantyne is leaving IICD to go and work for INASP.