Internet News - In Brief


- Ghana’s Ecobank advertised an online banking service recently but pulled the plug because its head office was not ready to implement.

- Ghana Telecom is thinking of launching an ISP but there is much scepticism in the market as to whether they will be able to do it well enough to compete with the other ISPs.

- Ghanaian ISPs are on the move. wwwplus has launched one of the first Black ISPs in South Africa, Keyaka Weblink. Africanus has launched an ISP operation in the DRC.

- Ghana’s leading technology centre and cybercafe Busy Internet is averaging around 1500 customers a day, except Saturdays and Sundays. It gets 70% occupancy during the day and 40% at night. It seems to have become a social centre for a large number of Accra’s residents.

- Tanzania’s Mobitel has informed CyberTwiga customers that it:"is no longer able to continue to provide the support it was giving to Cybertwiga which enabled it to operate efficiently. Consequently the services you enjoyed will no longer be available until further notice."

- Ghana’s Africa Online operation has 3000 paying, individual dial-up accounts and 95 corporates and estimates the total market at somewhere between 6500-7000. Africa Online’s John Sarpong believes that they have managed to remain a big player in the market by offering customer support.