Computer News - In Brief


- The Kofi Annan Technology Centre is nearing completion alongside State House. There have been two main financial contributors to the project: the Ghanaian government who have put up the construction costs and the Indian government which is putting in US$2 million of hardware and software.

- Charles Laba, CIS Ghana told the Digital Bridge Conference at Busy Internet that it had advertised for several new jobs for a month in the national press. Of the 40 plus applicants, none had suitable experience. According to another speaker Ghana produces only between 200-400 computer graduates a year."That’s peanuts," as he observed.

- Rancard Solutions are still doing business process software but are focusing on working with consultancy companies to target their markets. Recent clients have included: KPMG, Ashesi University, the Human Rights Commission and the Commodity Clearing House. According to Rancard’s Kofi Dazi:"The busines climate is slow but we’re establishing a reputation a reputation for quality and an ability to customise applications for clients’ needs."

- A Ghanaian financial institution will shortly invest in a local software company. Watch this space for details.

- Geek Corps volunteers have completed 37 projects with Ghanaian companies and a further 12 are in progress.

- NEPADs’s e-Africa Commission has set itself ambitious education targets; 50,000 secondary schools with computers in five years and half a million primary schools in ten years.