Digital Content has had a design make-over and is offering a range of new Ethiopic features. According to the company:"In our continuous effort to push the fidel technology forward and provide the Ethiopian Cyber Community with a better service, we are pleased to announce the launch of an improved and redesigned".

"There are few significant improvements to CyberEthiopia particularly in the area of interactivity among Ethiopians on the Internet using the fidels and our own local languages".

There are three new features:

a) The Warka Forum that it is claimed is the first and only Web discussion forum using fidels. It offers wider support for web browsers, operating systems and standards (unicode ). It also gives the user an easier and intuitive way of posting ethiopic messages: users are provided with a text box allowing editing in Amharic and/or English. And finally, it offers improved presentation.

b) Warka Chat is an ethiopic web application allowing live communication with fidels.

c) Revisions and improvements have also been done to the Ethiopian Internet Directory and the online shop.