The Kenyan Land Ministry is to computerise its records. The aim is to make it easier for members of the public and government officials to access information easily, Minister Amos Kimunya said. "We are talking to suppliers and developers of software. But we do not want to be presented with a product, we want to have an internal team involved in the entire process for maintenance. It may take six months to one year to start off," the minister said. He repeated his call to individuals allocated public land irregularly to return the title deeds to the government.

Meanwhile Namibia’s Ministry of Labour has computerised its labour market information system to enable stakeholders - such as employers, job seekers and Government - to have up-to-date market data on manpower.Speaking about the 2003-04 budget for the Labour Ministry in the National Assembly, Minister Marco Hausiku said so far the Ministry had registered 23 870 job seekers, 218 vacancies with employers and 663 training opportunities being offered by training and tertiary education institutions.

(sources: The Nation and The Namibian)