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Budget airline Kulula.com claims to be the first in the world to introduce an online service to let customers change their flight times over the internet. The airline already sees 65% of its bookings made online, and expects this new service to boost its business as people will be more willing to book even if they are not entirely certain of travelling times.

"This has not been done in the airline industry anywhere in the world until now, and we were surprised at that because we thought it’s something airlines should be offering," said Gidon Novick, commercial executive.

"Its all very well making a booking for the future, but things change," he said. Kulula had made the whole online experience so simple that it became SA’s largest revenue generating website soon after launching, said Novick.

The new online service could also prove a money-spinner, as the company charges R75 for every ticket altered, plus any difference between the old and new fare. The only unknown quantity is how many passengers will want to alter their bookings. "The truth is we don’t know, and because we don’t know we wanted to put it online so we don’t have to ramp up the call centre.

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